Technology Training in the workplace: How does it benefit your business?

When you walk down the street, you’ll be hard pressed to not find someone with their face in a screen.  iPhones and iPads are now commonplace.  How does your business stack up? Do you utilize these devices or do you see them as an employee distraction? If you find yourself thinking the latter, chances are you’re not too comfortable with the technology yourself. In my years as a trainer, I’ve found that the moment this barrier is removed, that’s when the true magic of the technology is revealed.  The possibilities are evident when self doubt is gone. Working within the walls of Apple for years, we called these “Wow moments”.  It can be something simple, it can be something common, but it doesn’t matter as long as it delivers that “wow moment” and triggers your brain to start seeing the possibilities.  Being a Apple enthusiast myself, I am not immune from these moments. I remember a snowy day in Shadyside in 2013 when a coworker/friend showed me how the new Mac OS was able to capture your signature and use it in PDFs. It wasn’t groundbreaking, but man was it cool! I was in the process of purchasing a house and was able to utilize this feature to sign off on the dozens of PDF docs that my agent sent me.  The traditional method is to print it out, sign and fax it back to the agent. This new method saved me lots of time, paper, and writers cramp. If each process the traditional way took me 5 minutes, and I had to do that 20 times, then I’m looking at nearly an hour and a half of busy work. The new method cut that down to less than a minute for each task. I just gave myself over an hour of time to not be twiddling away at busy work. Now apply that to your business. How many practices are bogging you and your staff down? That’s a tough question to answer because if you don’t know that theres a quicker way to get something done, then you don’t know that you’re wasting your time. I find that training for yourself or your staff is something that can really help boost production.
A relatively small investment of time and money can end up saving your business much larger amounts of time and money. The catch with training however, is how you use it. Paying for training doesn’t equate to automatically learning and retaining that information. I have found that the best application of training focuses on subject matter that is beneficial and interesting to you as a business owner. When that reality is established, you control the limits of your experience, and get a robust picture of how your business can benefit.