How It All Started


Born out of a passion for Apple technology, Digital Fix Consulting was created in 2014 to help bridge the gap between Apple and the business world. By providing onsite implementation of this specific technology, ongoing support, and training, we can focus on finding the right solution for your business while empowering you and your staff with invaluable knowledge. Our mission statement leads us to provide the best personalized Mac OS X & Apple iOS onsite consulting, training and support services to businesses and school districts in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

The Motivation: Bridging the gap between your business & Apple

Although Apple has great resources within its 3 retail locations in Pittsburgh, it is still limited when it comes to helping your business with onsite consulting, implementation, and training. We are happy to work with the Apple Business Teams and we certainly recommend utilizing Apple Care service plans for all of your hardware coverage. When it comes to being there for you as a partner, Digital Fix Consulting wants to be involved in every step, sharing your digital vision and helping create a successful technological footprint that makes sense specifically for your business. You won’t ever have to come to us as we will be there to support you onsite with custom solutions, training, and any ongoing support that you might need.

Apple has been aggressively growing in the business world boasting superior hardware and software backed by top notch security. Training and Professional Development is a real necessity these days keeping up with the speed of technological change. Once again, Apple offers great training at their retail locations but that is not always convenient for you or your team. Digital Fix Consulting offers onsite custom training and professional development. We can work with one employee, a small group, or even a classroom size group. We can also provide off-site training for your team if needed.

The Concept: Custom Designed Apple Solutions

We want to find the right solution for your company! It starts with the technology. No one wants to overspend on complex software programs or equipment that they do not need. We are not resellers so our focus is on getting your solution right the first time and making sure you are not buying equipment that you will never use. Let us find those ways to make your business run more efficiently by specifying the right amount of technology and then train you and your staff how to use it. Time is money which makes efficiency a key component to every business’s success.

Apple technology is our passion and we are immersed in the culture every day. Let us help you have the right technology for the right job by creating a custom solution that fits your business. We have the answers so you won’t have to. Call us today!