JAMf Server-side Setup for Enterprise Level Mac Deployment

JAMf technology has streamlined the process for IT management of Apple devices. Utilizing JAMf for your company’s Mac deployment prepares the Mac or iOS devices for your company’s environment.

Why is JAMf technology important for Mac and iOS support? In the smallest environments that integrate only one or two Mac or iOS-based devices, manual setups are technically feasible. But, this is only realistic if your environment stays small.

The challenge comes when a company needs to manage mass configurations. Simply put, the number of Macs you have directly impacts the level of Mac management you need. Your management needs can escalate quickly, which is why you need an IT company to handle mass deployments of Mac computers.

A JAMf server-side setup simplifies this process. A correctly and effectively implemented JAMf preconfigures machines using the Mac OS for for security, privacy, network, and applications. When Digital Fix Consulting purchases a new Mac or iOS device, it will also add it to the client’s Apple Business Manager account. As a result, this new machine will be automatically configured to your environment as soon as it turns on.

What is Configured During Mac Deployment at an Enterprise Level Company?

Adding Mac and iOS devices to your IT environment offers many advantages. These advantages exist “out-of-the-box,” prior to any configuration by an IT management company. For business use, Apple products are more affordable, more secure, and offer ease of synchronization across an Apple environment.

Why is it important to configure a new Apple device in your company’s environment?

  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Privacy
  • Connectivity

Among its many benefits, configuring Mac and iOS devices helps synchronize corporate calendars and security permissions. This ensures that your company devices are being used appropriately and effectively. It also helps integrate and secure iCloud storage solutions, improving collaboration among your teams.

Mac Enterprise Deployment: Orientation for New Hires

As you bring new teammates aboard, Digital Fix Consulting will prepare them to work inside your company’s Mac and iOS environment. This includes:

  • Personally introducing your new Mac user to their new Apple product
  • Providing them with a brief tutorial about its functionality within the environment
  • Personalizing the setup of their devices to maximize their productivity

Mac corporate deployment install packages are an essential part of any company’s orientation process. You need a partner that can expertly manage Macs, allowing for new employees to hit the ground running as soon as they start in the workplace.

Digital Fix Consulting Has You Covered from Deployment to Support

Why is Digital Fix Consulting so enthusiastic about Mac management solutions? It’s the user experience. We help deploy Mac devices into corporate workplaces because that is what employees want to use.

However, many traditional IT departments are ill-equipped to handle the integration of Mac devices into your environment. Many IT professionals are Windows-centric and lack the expertise or experience necessary to provide IT support for Apple devices. This inefficiency can become compounded as more Mac devices are added to your environment. Digital Fix Consulting handles the life-cycle of an Apple computer or iPhone from the moment we purchase it for you to the end of its use.

Moreover, Digital Fix Consulting helps your enterprise company by assuming the responsibility of employing your IT department itself. Legal, accounting, human resources, and more are all handled under Digital Fix Consulting’s purview, allowing us to provide the most cost-effective solution for your company.

How Digital Fix Consulting Prepares Your Company for Mac Installs

Digital Fix Consulting will undergo a thorough process to ensure that your enterprise level company’s Mac deployments are smooth and secure.

We start by evaluating your infrastructure, which might include:

  • Optimizing your WiFi and VPN
  • Enrolling your company in Apple Business Manager
  • Enrolling your company in Apple Developer Enterprise Program
  • Reviewing your identity directory services

Once we ensure that your company’s IT infrastructure is ready to deploy new Apple devices, we will make sure that it is ready in accordance with your company policies. From the moment we purchase an Apple device for you until the end of its use in your company, the device will be setup to help your employee do their job to the best of their ability.

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