As part of the IT Lifecycle, Digital Fix Consulting handles the procurement of Apple products on behalf of your enterprise-level company. Buying Macs for enterprise is an essential part of simplifying your IT operations. By taking on the responsibility of buying Macs for a whole company, we can provide you the necessary devices to you at greater cost savings and on a faster timeline.

Whether it is an Apple computer, a MacBook, an iPhone, or Mac accessory, Digital Fix Consulting will procure any and all necessary pieces of Apple technology for you. We have our own network of trusted vendors to source a wide range of Apple devices from, which allows us to purchase items individually at the lowest price possible. We can then pass these savings onto our clients. We then make the procurement simple and easy for the client by narrowing any purchase into a single purchase order.

Buying Macs for a Corporation

After we submit a purchase order, we then initiate the Deployment phase of the IT Lifecycle. Prior to your new Mac user receiving their new device, we ensure that it’s added to the client’s Apple Business Manager account so that it can be added to your company’s JAMf once it arrives. We can also arrange for the device to shipped to remote workers without any hitch in the deployment process.

Buying Tech Smarter

Digital Fix Consulting provides extra value to clients by controlling the entire IT Lifecycle, from procurement to disposal. Whether we are working with a Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, or another piece of technology using a Mac operating system, we outfit you with the ideal technology for your corporation.

After purchase and deployment, our Apple experts provide stellar IT support for your employees whether they are on-site or working remotely. If there are any issues with the new purchase, our team can address it immediately.

Moreover, the benefit of of hiring Digital Fix Consulting to buy Macs on behalf of your company is that we have experience deploying large fleets of Apple devices for companies. Traditional IT support is often under-experienced and ill-suited to handle the demands of Mac buying for an entire enterprise company, which is where our specialized expertise makes a massive difference in your operation.

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