Digital Fix Consulting is a premier solution for secure, environmentally responsible and cost efficient Mac IT equipment recycling for enterprise level businesses. At Digital Fix Consulting, we can manage asset recycling for any volume of out-of-service devices, including Apple desktop computers, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, servers and more.

Our time tried and proven approach to IT asset recycling creates a win-win situation for our client partners. Here’s how it works: 

First, when you have Mac IT assets that are rendered out of service, we will broker the re-sale of the hardware on your behalf. While offloading equipment that has stored sensitive information about or for your business can feel like a worrisome proposition, you can rest assured that Digital Fix Consulting will perform comprehensive data sanitization measures to ensure that data cannot be reclaimed from the legacy assets. All of our data destruction methods abide by United States Department of Defense (DoD) standards and guidelines and a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) can also be presented upon request.

Upon re-sale of the assets, Digital Fix Consulting will provide a credit towards the client partner’s next procurement through us.

If interested, our clients can also opt into a program in which Digital Fix Consulting will create bundles of old hardware for donation purposes on behalf of our client partners. Beneficiaries of this program include educational institutions, non-profit programs and charitable organizations. Through this IT equipment recycling process, Digital Fix Consulting’s clientele benefits monetarily through the procurement credit while offering a positive contribution to the communities in which they do business.

With the responsible recycling of legacy assets, businesses that partner with Digital Fix Consulting are also afforded peace of mind knowing that the offloading of their out-of-service hardware is being handled in an eco-conscious manner that mitigates potential environmental impact. 

Contact Digital Fix Consulting today for more information about our Mac computer and hardware recycling services and how they can benefit your business.     

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