An essential facet of IT support is the ability to do repairs and provide replacement devices. Whether your iOS or Mac OS device suffers from physical damage or a failed hardware component, Digital Fix Consulting ensures that your operations continue to run smoothly.

Whenever a device fails, whether it is a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone, or another one of the many apple products your company enlists, our company will provide a temporary replacement device while we manage the repair of their standard device. Once the device is fixed, we will ensure that it is ready to be used by your employee again and switch out their temporary device for their repaired apple product.

Mac Consulting Services for Mobile Device and Computer Repairs

When apple devices are damaged, we have multiple methods for procuring a repair. When an employee brings a device to us, we will evaluate the issue to see if we can repair it on site or need to send it out for remote support. If not, we have access to a specialized AppleCare hotline to arrange a quick mail-out repair. The average turnaround time for our repairs is 3-4 days, and our end-to-end level of support makes the transition between devices nearly seamless.

Before the device is returned from a fully serviced Apple certified repair, Apple will test the device to ensure that it works correctly.

Costs of Repairs for Macs in the Enterprise

We will work with you to develop the appropriate level of AppleCare coverage for your devices. For instance, hardware failures are covered under warranty and AppleCare coverage, while costs for physical damage is only partially covered under AppleCare+ coverage.

When your company makes an IT investment, you need to understand the total cost of ownership of Apple products. Digital Fix Consulting will help you understand both the upfront and long-term costs of utilizing Apple products in your IT infrastructure.

Digital Fix Consulting Helps Manage Macs (and Mac Users, Too!)

When you’re looking for a Mac IT company that does repairs, you should contact Digital Fix Consulting. Our customer service is responsive, reliable, and we know how to facilitate Mac Repair for enterprise companies.

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